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Facilitating all of this is my passion.

Here are some camper van conversions that I have done, all with hot and cold running water
and dual charge engine and solar electricity:

A cabin trailer that I built, with yurt:

An Off Grid Solar panel system which I designed and installed:

12volt MPPT charge controller and 240volt inverter:

Solar charge data display and inverter switch

24volt MPPT charge controller and DC 24v - 12v transformer:

Inverter control switches with Amp and Volt meters for the system:

 24volt Solar battery bank:

Gas and water plumbing for the cabin:

Handmade Solar food Dehydrator which I designed and built:

An oak framed stable building that I have assisted with:

A Bamboo Geodesic dome which I designed and built:

The Dome packed up:

Some bamboo fencing which I built:

A round house project that I assisted with:

Reciprocal roofing:

Kitchen counters which I made, from tree to unit:

 Yurt flooring/ decking which I designed and made:

Interlocking design:

 A Tipi which I co-created:

Wood piles, from tree to fuel:

A chicken coop which I designed and built:

 Rebuilding a motorcycle gear box:

An old stove that I recommissioned.
See the next picture for the final installation:

The stove in place:

Using Chickens to clear the ground ready for mulching brand new vegetable beds:

Handmade storage sacks which I designed and made:

Handmade reclaimed timber gate which I designed and built:

Outdoor wood fired hot tub:

Jams, preserves and vinegars created by myself and partner Anna:

These are just some of the projects that I have been involved in.


  1. Wow, so many beautiful talents...its people like yourselves who are helping to raise the consciousness of this planet and bring back the harmony with Nature! Nice One!

  2. Thanks Iza. Simplicity is following ones joy. I can't take all the credit, I relax into the flow and gently these skills flow through me.

  3. All your work is beautiful! stunning! breathtaking!

    I've recently been very fortunate to acquire a 1998 Toyota Hiace Supercustom Campervan. Great well maintained engine and rust free bodywork but the interior is just OK. Would really like it to be as self sufficient as possibel

    Might be receiving some funds soon and, if so, will be interested in a quote to convert it Handmade Matt style.

    Have you heard of Kimberley Woodstoves, based in America? Apparently they have designed the stove particularly for boats, campers etc. Would love one in my camper even though the toyota is a fairly small space. Are there any legal problems with installing a woodburner in a camper?

    Kind Regards
    Dumfries and Galloway

  4. WOW! That is awesome! I love that hot tub!

  5. Love your truck camper! I want to make a camper for my truck that looks like a tiny home. I plan to live in it full time at the summer camp I work at. So glad I found your site!