Apple Press - I've got loads of Apples, I wish I had an apple press. How can I make one of those?

It was that time of year when all the apples were ready
So I built this machine to press them and make lots of lovely juice.
  • I found an old car jack, it's this that supplies the power to press the apples.
  • The timber frame could have been made to many designs, I decided to keep it simple.
  • The timber used in constructing this press was once part of a shed that I demolished.
  • An enamel baking tray was used to collect the juice. I fitted a drainage hole and a pipe to channel the juice to my containers.
  • The apples were then mashed into a pulp with a sledge hammer in a bucket. (see below.)
  • The pulp was wrapped in net curtain fabric to make little packets.
  • The packets were then stacked under the press one on top of each other.
  • The pressing Began!
  • Collected juice was then bottled with added brewers yeast and left to ferment.
  • After fermentation was complete the Cider was bottled and stored in a cool dark place.
As soon as I built this machine offers of apples came in from every angle!

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  1. Looks easy enough. I have enough materials laying around. I think I'll make one instead of paying HUNDRED$ for one. I'll let you know how I make out.