Wooden Rustic Stool

Made from oak and spruce

This stool was made from oak that I felled in my garden for the seat and spruce left over from when I harvested Tipi poles earlier in the year. I made this stool entirely from tree to furniture.

First I had to cut the oak log to create the seat using my chainsaw:

Then I cut the seat to shape using a jigsaw:

Then I drilled four holes for where the legs will locate: 

The holes were made wider with a bigger drill bit:

Legs and cross supports were cut from the spruce and sharpened at the ends to be joined:

They were glued and driven in hard with a mallet:

The pegs from the legs were chiselled flat and filled with a mixture of sawdust and wood glue.
The stool was then sanded and finished with oil. 
The finished result:


  1. Thats brilliant. I know this bust be eay one two three stuff to you. But man, I'm really impressed!

  2. Thanks Moshe! I'm following my joy! I hope you're well.

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