Tree House - The giant birds nest approach. How can I make one of those?

Location, besides the obvious details of being in a tree... Was a critical factor

  • When walking through the forest I found a large fallen birch tree. It was next to another tree with forks in just the right places to support my platform.
  • Freshly fallen trees are ideal becasue there's no harm in cutting limbs and salvaging structural wood. Also the timber is guaranteed to be strong and rot free.
  • The only tools used in this construction were a bow saw and a knife.
  • This tree house used no nails and no structural rope. Rope was only used as a tool.
  • The tree house was 100% self supporting.
  • The first job was to cut structural pieces from the fallen tree with a hand saw, hard and slow work but strangely meditative in such a beautiful location.
  • Next the larger of the cut pieces were hoisted up in position using ropes slung over higher branches.
  • Laying timbers (progressively smaller in size) over and through each other to form an oversized birds nest created an ideal organic structure that just got stronger and stronger.
  • Finally I weaved small sticks into the nest, topped it all with layer and layers of bracken/ ferns and dried grass, creating a super soft mattress!
  • The same process was used to make the roof, which was designed at an angle so that water could run off.
  • For the first few days the natural roof held off light showers and provided me with a comfortable dry home.
  • Within a week I had to build a plastic sheet hidden into the roof structure to keep off the heavy rains.
  • Some nights the downpour was torrential as the bed remained dry.
  • I stayed in the tree house for a good part of a month, enjoying the early summer sunrises and wildlife from my high up hiding place. Regular morning visits from a local deer were a sheer delight!


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