Open Fire Tripod for hanging cooking pots and kettles Gypsy style. How can I make one of those?

Anyone who has cooked over an open fire will know the shame of a spilled dinner from a poorly balanced pot resting on some rocks or old bricks.
Enough was enough when the last kettle I will ever spill came tumbling from it's perch.

 How can I make a Cooking Tripod?
I enjoyed this process so much and organised such an abundance of 
materials that I sell these items

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  • I sourced a supply of steel from a steel merchant.
  • I then designed a system for holding the legs of the tripod together at the top but still allowing them to fold for storage/ transport.

  • Having created the tripod I realised that it would need a case to protect everyone and everything from the black soot that is inevitable from cooking on open fires.
  • I sourced some lovely heavy duty canvas and stitched up some bags with my Nan.
  • The end result is a beautiful piece of rustic outdoor cooking equipment.

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